Ever since i was little i would draw, I sketched heroes, comics, Disney characters and much more. I originally did it for the attention and enjoyment. unfortunately as i got older, the realism kicked in that there might not be a good career in the art industry, and the ones that did were highly competitive. SO art died out for me for quite a few years. Especially since i no longer needed it to fill the gaps in my life as i became more socially active. Fast forward 10 years into the future and i now have a Beautiful Wife and a beautiful kid. They have both been my life since. Finally started joining social groups and realized there was so much talent out there that it inspired me to create again. Slowly i realized that i was setting the example for my child that dreams arent worth pursuing. That’s when i decided to get serious. Not only for my child, but to prove that i can do it.

The Road SO Far..

When i started getting serious about my art, i could tell there was an insane improvement in my skills, in just one year i went from the doom depicted on the left to the doom depicted on the right. Line quality improved and color and shading improved along way as well. Mind you i used the same markers and Inking pens in both images. Since i became a father, time to practice has been a bit tough for me but I will get there slowly.

My Inspirations..

First off, My biggest inspiration has been my Wife. She has led me and supported me the entire way, even if it meant spending a little more time with the little guy ( My son). Since starting I’ve been in a few amazing art and comic support groups who have helped push me along the way as well. I became published in a charity coloring book and have gained a few new fans since. Which continues to inspire me to create more works of art and keeps me going. ID like to say i have a little bit of David and a little Jim lee in my works as they have been the two Ive studied the most.

Thank you!!!

Everything I’ve been able to do so far is because of the amazing fans I’ve gained along this journey so far. I want you all to know i appreciate you and everything you do to support me and my dream of becoming a comic artist. Not only have you become a fan, youve become apart of the STB family. And for that I THANK YOU!

I will do my best to bring you the latest developments, Practice work, Commissions and more so that you can maintain being entertained and grow with me and the family. Subscribe to my page by filling out the below

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