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    Greetings, art lovers and convention enthusiasts! Today, I am thrilled to share a milestone in my artistic journey that has me buzzing with excitement. Brace yourselves as I unveil the exhilarating news: I, Sketchingthebeast will be making my grand debut on a Comic For Crimson Titan Studios. I am so excited to share the news! THe Downside is we have to kickstart this bad boy and pray we meet orur goals. We are planning some amazing things! Head over to Noir Anthology: Kickstarter to check the project out!

My Involvement

     As an artist, the opportunity to Create a comic with a team is a dream come true! The part of the project that ive worked on is a 6 page piece called Dex Damon, A story about a Man, who can see the unseen, and can interact witht he realm of angels and demons. While impartial to either side, believeing in balance and harmony, He will soon be at a crossroads with himself and his alliance. We begin our quest at a Pawn Shop of all places. The Writer is Rolland Wengert, a really solid guy who has a few books already written and has a really awesome vision for the story. But im not the only one working on this book!

     To Top it off, im also working with them on designing some graphics, and working on their website development! its alot to take in, but im really having alot of fun with everything thats been thrown at me. Ready to accept the next challenge. That is once the next dex damon book is complete ! 

A Gathering of Artistic Visionaries:

We have a great team of artists, writers and more working with us on this awesome comic, as it stands now, the comic is 62 pages! there are 5 other stories, and if we meet our stretch goasl, we may be adding more pages, and more stories to the book. The Team page isnt quite ready yet, but ill have the team page on the crimson titan website soon. Please go and check it out if you have any interest in NOIR style comics, or darker mysteries, and more. Some carzy things go on here. I cant give too much away.

Back the project now at kickstarter!

Please Head tot he kickstarter and show some support, We want to give you all a great experience and show you what hard work ,dedication, and a great team can do! 

Looking forward to getting these books in your hands!!!


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