Spawn Sketch Card Process & commentary

Speed Drawing and Process Of a Spawn Sketch Card

Spawn is an awesome character and ive enjoyed creating this card tremendously! I love the different variations of spawn and everything this character brings. To top it off todd is a pretty big inspiration for me, as id like to be a creator owned comic book creator someday aswell. More details to follow that aswell.

In this video, not only do i show my process, i chat a little about it aswell. so hopefully this gives you a little insight to how i go about creating sketch cards. ITs alot of work! especially for something so small. But i love what i do. You can get the weekly Blog by signing up below , and you can subscribe to my youtube channel, where youll get the latest and greatest from Yours truly. Check out my social links below if you would like to follow me on any social media Platforms aswell! Free free to commission me anytime through the Store.

Sketch Card Commissions

Style and Art Supplies

For Those Of you who are interested and are fellow artists, I used A plethora of different art Supplies. Please Note Some of these Links may be Affiliate Links to external sites .
For the Penciling process, I used a mechanical pencil with 2H lead, You can find a good set here: Staedtler Mars Technical Mechanical Pencil Set If you are new to penciling comics, I would recommend getting one of those.
For the inking, I used a micron Sakura Inking Pen, which you can find here: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2-Pack)
So these arent the cheapest tools in the shed by far, but for all the color on this piece i used copics. I often times will use cheaper markers for the backgrounds but in this case i did not. The Copic store has a bunch of different colors and more on amazon. You can find them here: Copic Marker Store

Quick Update

Hopefully you guys are popping into the website once in a while, but i do have some new news for you. Im working on a huge project very soon, once these commissions are done and i take a break from them for a bit i will be working on my projects. The first is a sketching the beast exclusive sketch card set., the second is still the comic book. 

Also, i want to mention, If you guys would like to support me , head over to my ko-fi page, where you can buy me a coffee. THis will actually tie into some rewards and more im going to do later on in the year. So head over there to at least take a peak. 

Finished Piece


Hopefully You guys enjoyed this video and this blog post, i plan on havng alot more fun content, speed drawings and art advice soon. As i knock out this large commission list, i will keep providing you guys updates! Hope you all stay creative and stay tuned! subscribe below and check out the cool products too! Iam working on a few more different shirt ideas and stckers and more.. If You would like to commission me for a sketch card commission 

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